Payroll Service Solutions

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With our payroll service solutions, Technical Staffing Specialists, Inc lets clients identify and select qualified talent, without making additions to their full-time headcount. We will place the employee on our payroll, making us the employer of record. Employees have access to health and dental insurance, paid vacation time, paid holidays, life and disability insurance and more. Our payroll services solution is quick, convenient and has been proven helpful for clients in a variety of areas such as these:

  • Identify and evaluate new employees on the job prior to making a full-time hiring decision, saving your company from the hassle of onboarding and then releasing a new employee should the person not meet your expectations, or the anticipated length of the work is uncertain.

  • Alleviate cost, processing and other concerns associated with employment (workers’ compensation, unemployment, changing regulations, etc.), while receiving the skills and expertise that a talented employee brings to an organization.

  • Staff for project or contract-based work utilizing talent such as former employees, consultants, subject matter experts, etc.

  • Downsize full-time staff headcounts, while still retaining the people you need.

  • Manage the risk associated with 1099 employees/independent contractors, part-time employees and internship programs.

Trust Our Experience

With 20 years of experience providing high level staffing solutions to all major industries, Technical Staffing Specialists, Inc. is your full-service employment agency with a dedication to excellence. Get experience you can trust and results you can count on. Call Technical Staffing Specialists, Inc. today and make your next hire the best one ever!